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Call Centre

Our call centre has the capacity to manage 50 concurrent inbound/outbound calls. It can be operational to take claims for a new storm event within 60 minutes. It can be setup to handle multiple locations and partners at any given time.

Assessing Team

We have been operating a 72-hour assessment timeline successfully for the last 4 years around Australia. At each given location we utilise the light tunnel assessing method.

CRM Suite

Dent Craft Hail Group operates a full CRM suite providing our insurance partners with customer satisfaction reports based on their timeline requirements.

Paint Services

Dent Craft Hail Group coordinates and manages combination paint repairs in all locations throughout Australia. We can also deploy our own state of the art mobile paint strategy where and when required.

Our Approach

  • Industry Leaders in Catastrophe Management

    Industry Leaders in Catastrophe Management

    Dent Craft Hail Group is a nationally approved hail catastrophe management company. We provide assessing and repair services to the Insurance Industry, with offices in Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

    Having over 30 years of experience locally and internationally, our team are industry professionals in taking care of your needs in the event you are impacted.

  • Hail Storm Management

    Hail Storm Management

    The Dent Craft Hail Management team operates internationally throughout Australia and Europe. Our extensive, highly experienced network of hail technicians and support staff can be called upon in the event of a hail storm, no matter the size, to manage affected areas for our Insurance partners.

    Our Directors have a combined 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. They understand that the primary focus is to provide a professional and efficient repair solution.

  • Our Processes

    Our Processes

    • Hail management team deployed within 24 hours of each storm event.
    • Specialising in hail event management and assessing services.
    • High volume vehicle assessment experience and resources.
    • Licensed Paintless Dent Repair technicians.
    • Internationally recognised hail repair specialist by Insurance companies.
    • Mobile assessment capabilities.
    • Centralised Head Office co-ordinating hail repair centre locations.
    • Warranty on all hail repairs.
  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    • We pride ourselves on always being professional and courteous.
    • Endeavour to keep communication lines open between ourselves, the panel shop, the customer, and the Insurance company.
    • Ensure the finished repair reflects the quality standards of Dent Craft Hail Group and the Insurer.
    • Provide latest hail repair techniques & equipment.